One of Colorado's most famous and beautiful attractions is Hanging Lake. However, if you talk to anyone that's ever hiked up to the popular natural wonder they'll probably tell you that it was not the easiest hike they've ever been on.

Location of Hanging Lake Colorado

Hanging Lake is located in Glenwood Canyon right off of I-70 just east of the town of Glenwood Springs. However, the lake itself is located at the top of a pretty tall mountain that takes some serious work to get to the top of.

Precautions to Take into Consideration When Hiking to Colorado's Hanging Lake

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Because the hike up to Hanging Lake is so treacherous, there are many precautions that you'll want to take before committing to the trek. In fact, you'll find a sign on the path immediately prior to taking the hike that reads as follows:

CAUTION: Trail is Difficult

Are You Prepared:

Do you have enough water to drink?

Sturdy shoes for hiking?

Prohibitions: Dogs are not allowed on the trail. No fishing or swimming in the lake.


Now that you've psyched yourself up, here are some things to expect on your hike to Hanging Lake.

The Hiking Trail to Colorado's Hanging Lake

First of all, the hiking trail can be extremely steep in areas. Also, some sections of the trail have such large drop-offs that guardrails are put into place. In addition, much of the trail is covered in large rocks with a stream and small waterfalls throughout.

Check out the hike to Hanging Lake before you try it so you can decide whether or not you can 'hang.'

Check Out the Hike to Colorado’s Hanging Lake Before You Try It

The hike to Colorado’s famous Hanging Lake is not for everybody but you can take a virtual tour of it and see whether or not you think you can ‘hang.’

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

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