Everyone has a weird Christmas tradition (my family doesn't put up the tree until Christmas Eve), but there are also traditions that are pretty universal around the holidays.

According to a new survey by Mattress Advisor, the most popular tradition in Colorado is White Elephant, which is a party game where ridiculous or unusual gifts are swapped between guests.

Personally, I hate White Elephant parties, because people do not always understand that you are supposed to buy crappy gifts.

I'm still scarred from the time I showed up to a White Elephant party with a wrapped box of trash and people were giving out things like gift cards and cute mugs (#embarrassing).

But, the rest of you Coloradans are apparently fans. And so is the rest of the nation — White Elephant parties are the third most popular Christmas tradition in America.

Watching a Christmas movie is the #1 holiday tradition across the country, with Secret Santa following close behind.

Some of the most unusual traditions were advent calendars in Vermont (does anyone still get the chocolate ones?), Christmas crackers in Idaho (what are those??), and Christmas villages in Pennsylvania.

Other unpopular traditions include watching NFL games in Delaware, and attending The Nutcracker Ballet in Alaska.

Do you agree with this list? I will not be doing White Elephant this year, but I am looking forward to putting up my tree on Christmas Eve.


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