Hellyeah fans are one step closer to having the band back on the stage, as guitarist Tom Maxwell underwent hand surgery yesterday (Sept. 10). The musician checked in via social media with a photo of his bandaged hand and a message for the fans.

"Had my surgery today and it went perfectly. A few weeks of rehabilitation and I’ll be 100% for the November tour. Thank you Hellions/friends and family for all your support and understanding...big love to you all," wrote the guitarist. See the photo in the post below.

Maxwell revealed earlier this summer that he injured his hand in an auto accident, and that it left him with an odd "trigger finger" condition in which the middle finger would lock on him while he was playing his instrument. The musician had been treated with cortisone shots, but knew surgery was going to be required and he had hoped to finish up the group's summer tour.

However, just a few dates shy of wrapping the run, doctors confirmed that the condition had worsened and he was advised to stop playing until after his surgery was complete.

The guitarist had stated that there would be a recovery time needed and that he expected to be back on tour in November. That was confirmed recently when Hellyeah announced a late year tour covering the final two months of 2019.

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