Law enforcement to ramp up DUI checkpoints starting June 15.

Phase II of Colorado's "The Heat Is On" DUI enforcement beings this weekend. The "Summer Blitz" is a 10 day special enforcement period that includes sobriety checkpoints, extra patrols and additional law enforcement for large events. Country Jam certainly falls in that "large event" category. "If you're going to be going out to Country Jam, be prepared to be driving like you're going to be talking to a trooper because a lot of people are going to have the chance to talk to one of us out there," says Dan Chermok, Colorado State Patrol Public Information Officer.

If you're not convinced this extra focus on drinking and driving won't have much of an impact, think again. Over the Memorial Day weekend, 300 arrests were made statewide, 6 of which were right here in Mesa County.

Country Jam is this weekend and many of you 95 Rock fans will be heading out and celebrate at this awesome event. If you're not camping make sure one of your crew is drinking water only and can safely get everyone home. The festival is 4 days so rotate your DD. That way everyone gets a chance to cut loose but in a safe way.

CSP wants to remind everyone that this enforcement isn't about putting a damper on the fun, it's an effort to reduce what was a record year in 2017 for the Colorado highway deaths.


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