It's November 8th which means it's actress Tara Reid's birthday. Tara Reid was born on November 8th, 1975 and is most likely celebrating with multiple drinks.

Not only is Tara Reid known for her many movie roles she also is remembered, although she probably doesn't remember, as the life of the party. Yes, Tara Reid loves to drink! She also seems to go through men like water, if there was a Hollywood skank-off she'd probably win, or come close!

To celebrate her liver making it another year here's some of the best drunk Tara Reid photos, cheers! You can also celebrate with the Tara Reid Drinking Game


M. D'Evreux, Flickr


Team TY KU, Flickr

Partying with Tommy Lee. (Boat video unavailable)

JNTBuilders, Flickr

Classy Classic White Panties Tara!

Florian Seefried, Getty Images

Oktoberfest! She Just Can't Drink It Fast Enough! Chug, Chug, Chug!


David Klein, Getty Images

How About A Kiss Baby?

Mark Mainz, Getty Images

Let's Pre-party This Kentucky Derby With A Cup Of Booze!


David Klein, Getty Images

Tara Parties With Korn

weareinevitable, Tumblr

Tara With Her Pack Of Famous Drunks