Most people don't look forward to a DUI, some let the police arrest them, some cry, others try to fight the cops and then some try and make a getaway. No matter how much your drunk self believes you can ditch the cops, it likely won't happen. That's the lesson an Arkansas woman learned Sunday March 3, 2013.

Jamie Jeanette Craft
Craighead County Sheriff's Office

Last Sunday 29-year old Jamie Jeanette Craft allegedly decided to do some drinking and then made the poor choice to drive. Around 5:30pm police got the phone call that Jamie allegedly rammed her Pontiac Grand Am into a man's trailer.

A witness told police that Jamie was cursing at him while only wearing a shirt and grabbed his daughter. That's when she decided the perfect getaway vehicle would be his son's Power Wheels truck.

Power Wheels Truck

Apparently she never figured out she couldn't cram herself inside it, or that walking was faster. He had time to get his kids to safety at his parent's house. When he returned, Jamie still trying to drive the Power Wheels truck.

That's when he and his dad finally got her out of his son's toy. Jamie stormed off to her mother's home, where cops found her. Police found her nearly three times the legal limit. The "disorderly and uncooperative" Jamie Craft was cited on numerous charges as she screamed at cops.



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