Today is the 50th birthday of Leslie Edward “Les” Claypool an American musician, song writer and innovator. Claypool may be best known as the bassist and singer of Primus but he has done so much more.

Les Claypool has written and produced 26 albums sense 1988 and has guest appeared on 24 albums. He has written a book ‘South of the Pumphouse’ and wrote and directed the film ‘Electric Apricot’ in 2006.

Claypool has done soundtracks for movies, Television, Video Games and auditioned for Metallica in 1986. What you didn’t know that?

Les Claypool is a school friend of Kirk Hammett and after the death of Cliff Burton was asked to try out. The story goes that James Hetfield felt Claypool was too good and should do his own thing. I’m not sure Claypool would have been the best guy to replace Burton but he is one hell of a musician. Happy Birthday man!

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