Tonight the musical genius of Les Claypool will be on display as he rocks the Avalon Theater. Les will bring his project 'Duo De Twang' to town for a night of music and fun.

Most of us know Les Claypool as the force behind the band Primus, but he is much more than that. Claypool has done a ton of session work sitting in with just about everyone from Jerry Cantrell to Tom Watts.

Claypool did the theme songs for the TV shows 'Robot Chicken and South park' and was once considered to replace Cliff Burton in Metallica.

It's not every day we get to see artist of this type in Western Colorado so you should get out tonight and check out 'Duo De Twang' with Les Claypool.

The doors will open at 6:30 tonight and tickets start at just $20 bucks will be available at the door. So get a baby sitter and come out for a killer show at the Avalon Theater.


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