If you're thinking about an adventure to Haning Lake, better act soon!

The new 'reservation only' system for visiting Hanging Lake began on April 1st. In less than two weeks, over 6,000 persons have secured their spots to visit Hanging Lake. The summer season starts on May 1st and for the first time ever you'll need to make a reservation to access the lake.

Local officials say there are still plenty of spots available but you'll not want to wait too long. When you break down the math, sooner than later, is the way to go when it comes to getting to Hanging Lake. The reason why is that the daily number of visitors is now capped at 615. The Forest Service says that during last years peak season the number of visitors averaged about 1,000 people per day. Demand does appear to exceed supply.

The early reservations appear to be coming from the front range and as well as from out-of-state visitors. If you're interested in visiting the popular lake just east of Glenwood Canyon you'll want to reserve your spot soon. You can do so by phone 970-384-6309 or online by clicking HERE. You can also obtain a reservation in person at the Welcome Center located at 110 Wulfsohn Road in Glenwood Springs.

The permits are $12 per person. Don't forget too that you'll be riding a shuttle to and from the Hanging Lake Welcome Center. It begins service on May 1st and continues through October. 31st. Busses began shuttling visitors each day at 6:45 AM and continue until 8 PM. Plan on about 3 hours to make the hike up to the lake and back from the time you'll be dropped off at the trailhead.

Credit: Fox31

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