Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys are "country music with a Michigan root", says band leader Gunnar Nyblad. In other words, GGB's and you will kick yourself if you miss the show Friday night at Wearhouse 25 sixty-five.

The band started back in '09 when Gunna went to the Michigan State University Agricultural School to learn how to run his families’ apple orchard farms. There, he met lead guitarists Shane Grehan and Chris Newberg and drummer Joe Connolly, then introduced them to his childhood buddy, bassist Rob Mason, who he had been playing in bands with since they were 12. I supposed that's why this band sounds so much beyond their years. Still, young guys for sure but with the feel of guys you've known forever.

In the late summer of 2014, “Standard American” became the bands "standard". The tune would literally sell 100 downloads every time it was heard. Check out the video. It's quality and sells the band's attitude and love for the American working man.

The guys were on the road for nearly all of 2016 playing festivals across the country including Country Thunder, America’s River Festival, WBCT’s Birthday Bash, WYCD’s Hoedown, the Sioux Empire Fair and Country Stampede, where they visited Manhattan, KS, for the first time and ignited country music fans with 3 shows including a standing ovation on the main stage followed by a beer tent performance before Tim McGraw hit the main stage. See here how the crowd responded in the beer tent...

As you can see, these boys bring the heat. Do yourself a favor and get to Wearhouse 25 sixty-five tomorrow night and take in some hard-hitting country with real rock attitude. They're called Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys. Remember that name because it's soon to become household in notoriety.

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