On this date in 1960 Steve Clark a co-guitarist of Def Leppard came into the world. Clark grew up in a suburb of Sheffield, England and at the age of 11 got his first guitar. He studied classical music for a while then one day he found Led Zeppelin and it was all rock after that.

In 1978 he auditioned for Def Leppard by playing “Freebird” and won the job. He became a main contributor to Leppard’s music and style. When Phil Collen joined the band they quickly bonded and became known as the “Terror Twins” for their trademark dual-guitar style.

We lost Steve Clark in 1991 to his drug and alcohol demons but his legacy will live on forever in the music of Def Leppard. I was lucky enough to see Def Leppard play a couple of times and I always thought Clark was a killer guitarist.