Calling your pet your roommate changes things. Grand Junction's roommates aka their pets do some really weird stuff, like standing on your face while you sleep.

If you told people about the things your pet does, but instead of calling them your pet you called them your roommate, you'd definitely get some weird looks. We asked you about the weird thing your roommates aka your pets do and all of your answers were hilarious.

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Here's are some really weird things Grand Junction's 'roomies' do.

Wendy Bowen's roommate wakes her up every morning at 4:30 by licking her face because her roomie is hungry and wants Wendy to make them food. Heather Smith commented on our Facebook and says her roomie likes to 'sad dog' her. Heather's roommate is always staring at her in the saddest of ways, which could be a tactic to get food or maybe attention. Both Wendy and Heather's roomies seem a bit needy.

Poor Rachille Rusche constantly witnesses unwanted sexual activity thanks to her roomies. Rachille commented on our Facebook and says that her roommates like to get it on while they're in bed with her. If we didn't know her roommates were her pets, we'd say there's something seriously freaky stuff going on at Rachille's house.

Danielle Lousin's roommate is kind of obsessed with the shower. Her roomie watches her while she showers and then licks her legs when she gets out of the shower. We think it's kind of creepy. Molly Lewis's roommate likes to stand on her face while she's sleeping and no one knows why.

Billy's roommate farts all the time and poor Billy is constantly getting crop dusted. Aella Luna commented on our Facebook and says her roomie attacks the vacuum cleaner and gets scared of everything. Her roomie seems super paranoid and we're not sure where the hatred for the vacuum cleaner came from. Our roommate has a very strict open-door policy. Closed doors make my roomie very, very mad and he hates feeling left out so doors must be at least left cracked open.

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