No pork, no hops, no challenge, and no festival for 2020.

Pork and Hops, Grand Junction's annual BBQ and beer festival has just joined the list of festivals and celebrations to be canceled in western Colorado. It was scheduled to take place on September 11 and 12 at the Amphitheatre at Los Colonias Park.

The Grand Junction Parks and Recreation department made the announcement Friday afternoon.

Based on guidance from Mesa County Public Health and the Governor on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is best to eliminate the risk associated with large crowds congregating in a single location.

Okay, so we aren't necessarily surprised by the announcement, but at least now we know for sure it's not happening. We are about six weeks out and this is an event that takes a lot of planning and organizing. Plus, you have professional cookers that come from all over the country. On top of that, you have musical guests to schedule - and those bookings typically take place several months prior to the festival. Even if we were able to have concert events right now, it would be extremely difficult to book a top-quality band on such short notice.

Another factor has to be the expenses that are involved in putting on an event like Pork and Hops. The musical acts take up a large chunk of the budget and the city depends on ticket sales to pay the bills. You have to believe in light of the pandemic and lost revenue on various fronts, the last thing the city of Grand Junction needs is to go in the hole on an event that celebrates BBQ and beer.

The cancellation of Pork and Hops adds one more festival cancelation to the list that includes Palisade Peach Festival, and Colorado Mountain Winefest. LIke we keep saying, just wait until next year.

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