If you thought your rent was expensive, just look at these Grand Junction rentals. Get ready to take out a monthly loan.

Ever since I moved to Colorado, I've always thought that rent was just too dang high. Looking at these rentals in Grand Junction will make your day because I guarantee your rent is cheaper. (I hope your rent is cheaper.)


2 bed/2 bath

2882B Commons Circle

Jackson Berry with Red Compass Realty via Realtor.com

This condo's monthly rent is about fives times as much as my place and is the most expensive rental in Grand Junction. It's over $4,000 a month for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom place. There's no jacuzzi or private pond, but there is a one car garage.


3 bed/2 bath

2372 J Road

Rachel Justman with Rental Property Management via Zillow.com

This rental is on 12 acres of land and is $2,500 a month. There are three bedrooms and 1 3/4 bathrooms. (Whatever that means.) I like the hardwood floors and angled ceilings. The pink exterior though -- not so much.


A Step Above Property Management via Realtor.com

3 bed/2 bath

210 Dry Mesa Road

This home in Orchard Mesa is 3 bedroom/2 bathroom and is $1,940 per month. There is a walk-in shower, and a walk-in closet too. It also has granite counter tops in the kitchen and two sinks in the master bathroom.