We have lots and lots of delicious beer to choose from here in Colorado. After asking you on our Facebook, these are Grand Junction's favorite kinds of beer.

When 5 o'clock comes, Grand Junction is ready with a cold one. As far as my beer drinking goes, lately I've been craving anything Apricot (Sour Apricot or Apricot Blonde) from Dry Dock Brewing Company. I asked you what your favorite kind of beer is, and here's what Grand Junction is drinking.

Cold + Free

Grand Junction has jokes, a lot of the comments we received were things like my favorite kind of beer is:

  • Cold
  • Free
  • The kind you drink
  • My next one
  • An open one

Palisade Brewery

Grand Junction is really into Dirty Hippies right now. And by that, I mean the Dirty Hippie from Palisade Brewing Company. Some of Grand Junction like their Dirty Hippie with an orange slice and some like to mix it with another beer. (Mary King commented 'half Summer Shandy and half Dirty Hippie' and now I need to try it.)

Some more of Grand Junction's favorites are:

  • Any beer from Horsefly or Telluride Brewery
  • Beehive Honey What - Bristol Brewery
  • Any beer from Copper Club Brewery
  • Bou Lou - Boulevard Brewing Company
  • Montucky Cold Snacks
  • Budweiser
  • Coors Light
  • Root Beer

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