Out of curiosity, I conducted a quick YouTube search of the town I've called home for roughly a year, Grand Junction, Colorado, and discovered just what our city's online video presence looks like.

While the results didn't initially come as a surprise, there were definitely some unexpected videos that popped up in our city's top twelve YouTube videos. Here's what I found:

Real Estate

The majority of Grand Junction's YouTube presence is dominated by realtors. However, the videos aren't necessarily what you'd expect from people trying to get you to move here. In fact, local couple Robert and Christie Hays have put together a small video series spotlighting Colorado National Monument, fun activities to partake in, and the cost of living.

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Virtual Tours

There are also a few videos on YouTube that give viewers virtual tours of the city. These include walking tours, driving tours, and the perspective of Grand Junction from a drone.

Colorado National Monument

Of course one of the biggest perks of living on this side of the state, or in Colorado altogether, is the abundance of beautiful scenery. Because of this, it's not surprising that one of the top videos on YouTube related to Grand Junction spotlights our very own Colorado National Monument.

The Grand Junction Song

Who would've guessed that back in 1969 the band Poco wrote and recorded a song called 'Grand Junction' for their debut record? YouTube is undoubtedly a great place to discover music, and that's precisely what I did while searching videos about our city.


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