This picture of Main Street is one major Grand Junction throwback. See what it was like back in the 1950s in downtown Grand Junction.

1957 was the year that Elvis Presley bought Graceland, Russia launched Sputnik and the year that the first ever frisbee came out. We're throwing it back to 1957 in downtown Grand Junction.

This picture was taken on Main Street by an unknown photography. Thanks to Historical Photos of Fruita & Western Colorado's Facebook, we can take a look into what it was like in 1950s in Grand Junction. The picture was taken after a rainstorm, giving it a very romantic and dark feeling, it's a noir atmosphere for sure.

Pictured here are a few business like Bannister Furniture, Grands Jewelry and more on the 400 block of Main Street. Unfortunately none of these businesses are in operation currently. Bannister Furniture was in business for over a century here in Grand Junction.

According to the Historical Photos of Fruita & Western Colorado Facebook page, William Bannister bought a furniture business as well as an undertaker business too. This was common practice during this time because furniture makes make coffins, just like they made other household furniture. Bannister Furniture at 436 Main Street closed in 2002 but the original buildling is still standing.

The date this photo was taken (1957) was determined based on the car, (1955 Chevy) and the movie that was on a nearby marquee (which is another picture from this series.)

It really makes you think how things have changed in the last 62 years and what else will change in the years to come. I hope to see downtown Grand Junction and its history continue to be preserved.

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