It's that time of year when things just get a little fishy in Western Colorado mainly because the observation of the season of Lent has arrived.

Many of us come to the decision to give up eating meat during this 40 day season of prayer and opt for seafood or fish. Today we thought we would help you out with some great places to enjoy fish or seafood in Grand Junction and Western Colorado. Ring the dinner bell, and let's take a look.

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When is Lent Observed in Colorado?

Those who follow the Christian faith will observe Lent this year from the period of Ash Wednesday (March 2nd) up until the Easter Holiday which falls on April 14th. Many Christians believe Lent is a time to abstain from luxuries and really focus on their personal relationship with God.

Why Do Some Coloradans Give Up Eating Meat for Lent?

Many Christians begin a period of fasting or sacrificing something else they enjoy during the Lent season. For some, it's meat, others abstain from alcohol during this time, while others just give up something personal to themselves in observance of season.

Check Out Grand Junction's Best Restaurants Serving Fish for Lent

You'll find all kinds of restaurants with Fish & Chips specials in the month of March. Below we have found most of them and hope if we missed any that you can let us know on our station app. We are happy to include additional suggestions for Coloradans to go and enjoy a fish fry. Below we will take a closer look at what is being served at the following Grand Junction restaurants:

Grand Junction Colorado's Best Restaurants Serving Fish for Lent

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