The Grand Junction Police Department (GJPD) apologizes for the early morning emergency notifications sent out early Tuesday morning (January 28).

The notifications were meant to go out to a group of residents that signed up to recieve alerts about road closures and other minor incidents. A checked box was inadvertently selected that sent the notification to the entire emergency 911 database.

The GJPD explains that the system works in two ways:

  • Emergency Notifications are message sent out at during critical incidents. These are meant to keep people safe and informed.
  • Community notifications are less serious cases, like the road closure we had on Tuesday morning.

Some residents wanted to be removed from the database, federal regulations prohibited the removal of information to make sure residents can still be contacted incase of a critical incident.

The GJPD issued this apology statement yesterday stating:

We understand that this mistake disrupted some people’s mornings.  We don’t like being awakened before our alarm clocks go off either.  Please accept our apology and realize we are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

[Grand Junction Police Department]