When you are born in a city that is famous for pizza it kinda stays with you no matter where ya live. Radio has taken me to 9 different states over 25 years and while Alabama will go down as the worst state for pizza, I've found that if you look hard enough you are never far away from some pretty good pizza in most places.

Deep dish, NY-style, or even Detroit-style pizza will are always a welcomed find when I arrive in a new place. I was happy to see that Grand Junction is well-versed in pizza menus the first time I came here a couple of years ago. Now that I live here I have enough time to try them all.

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Pizza Places You'll Love in Grand Junction

While there are a lot more than 10 places to get pizza in Grand Junction, we thought we would highlight some of our favorites along with some of the places we have yet to try.

Scroll through the gallery below to find 10 pizza shops anyone can fall in love with. Watch out though, a bunch of these suggestions have menus with so many great items on them you might forget you showed up for pizza. Enjoy!

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