Should parents give their kids an allowance for doing their household chores?

I asked the question recently on our Facebook page and got some really great feedback. Honestly, I wondered if parents still give allowances and if kids still do chores. Obviously, it's not the same for every family, but what I learned is there are parents that still give allowances and there are kids that still do chores.

So, what about kids getting paid for their chores? I like the approach in Amy's family.


Michael and Angie echoed the sentiments of lots of Facebook contributors, saying the kids' allowance comes from the food, shelter, and clothing provided.


Then there are parents like Brian and Elizabeth who like the idea of giving an allowance to help teach the kids the value of money, how to manage it, and how to save.


You see, there really is no right or wrong answer on this issue. Each parent will do what they feel is best for their child and their specific situation.

Here is where I land on this topic.

I don't think kids should be given allowance for doing their regular chores. Those are responsibilities and obligations given to them to be filled without any regard to compensation. It teaches them responsibility and a work ethic. Yes, by all means, I would give my child some sort of financial reward for going above and beyond the "call of duty."

Additionally, I think kids should receive some sort of stipend for the reasons stated previously. In order for kids to learn responsibility, you have to give them responsibility. Teach them that life isn't about immediate gratification, but about setting a goal and working hard to achieve it, and help them to discover the reality of the consequence of their actions - whether it be good or bad.

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