As a patron of a retail shop, restaurant, or other business, it's always nice to be treated to exceptional customer service. Let's face it, great customer service isn't always something that we're fortunate enough to get. Sometimes an employee may be having a bad day, maybe they just don't want to be there, maybe they don't like their job, and sometimes businesses just have poor management. All of these scenarios can certainly equate to poor customer service.

However, there are quite a few places in Grand Junction that have excellent customer service. Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking you which business deserves to be recognized for its great customer service and got plenty of responses.

Grand Junction Restaurants with Great Customer Service

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Working in the service industry is not easy, so when a restaurant is recognized for great customer service there's really something to be said about that. Some of the restaurants recognized for their great customer service include Taco Johns, Taco Bell, McAlister's Deli, Las Marias, Chick-Fil-A, and others.

Grand Junction Services with Great Customer Service

Some of the businesses recognized for their great customer service specialize in services. Examples of these types of businesses include Monument Dental, Avalanche Heating and Plumbing, Dan's Towing, and others.

Grand Junction Retail Stores with Great Customer Service

Finally, a handful of retail shops in Grand Junction were highlighted for their excellent customer service. Some of these places include Colorado Kratom, Mutual Friends, Bee Dynasty, Dynamic Lures, and several others.

Grand Junction Shout Outs to Businesses with Great Customer Service

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