Is a career in law enforcement or firefighting something you're been thinking about? The City of Grand Junction is hiring. 

My father was a fireman in Kansas City after he returned home from his service in the Navy. I have family members that have worked, or are currently working, in various fire departments back home. It was a career I was seriously considering until I got bit by the radio bug.

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Needless to say I have a deep respect for those that service in these challenging careeres. It's hard work but also very rewarding. Grand Junction is looking for those who are ready to serve. The promotion is called "Red or Blue For You?"

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Grand Junction Police And Fire Department Job Openings

  • 911 dispatcher
  • CMU Safety Officer
  • EMT
  • Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Parks Patrol Officer
  • Police Officer

To apply for any of these openings simply click HERE.

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