Would you consider Grand Junction to be a scary place to be after the sun goes down? One popular website does. As a matter of fact, the happy valley made the top ten on the list of Colorado's most dangerous places after dark.

Speaking as someone who rides their bike home from work well after midnight, I never thought of Grand Junction as all that dangerous. Come to think of it, I used to deliver newspapers at 5:30 in morning clear back when I was six years old. Oops.

According to the website OnlyInYourState, Grand Junction comes in 6th place on the list of Colorado's most dangerous communities after dark. That ranking puts it one notch worse than Denver.

What do they attribute this to? According to the site:

Bigger cities = more people = more potential crime, which in turn means we aren't too shocked by RoadSnack's '10 Most Dangerous Cities' list naming Grand Junction (whose residents face a 4% chance annually of being the victim of a property crime)...  - onlyinyourstate.com

Okay, so how about the website they referenced, Roadsnacks? Where do they get their information? According to their site, they looked at three years of FBI crime data to identify the most dangerous cities in Colorado.

Does this strike you as a little strange? When I ride the Riverfront Trail at 1:00 in the morning, I run into the occasional weirdo, but rarely see anything threatening.

I probably wouldn't care about Grand Junction's ranking of #6 on the list if it weren't for one thing - we were rated worse than both Denver and Colorado Springs. Nothing against those communities, but most of us typically think of Grand Junction as a much safer community than the larger cities on the front range.

Does Grand Junction deserve its #6 ranking on the list of Colorado's most dangerous cities after dark? If you've ever lived in any of the other cities making the cut, would you agree with Grand Junction's unflattering place on the list?

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