Ever wonder what is going to become of the empty City Market that used to be open at 1st Street and Rood Avenue? We can go back to 2018 when it was still open for business and compare the site to how it looks in 2022 in the photo.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Well, we are not the only ones wondering about this site. In fact, a group in Greeley, Colorado has big plans for this location, and it involves family housing.

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Will Grand Junction's Old City Market Become an Apartment Complex?

Richmark Companies of Greeley says they want to build a 250-family residential complex at the site of the former City Market location at 1st and Rood Avenue. NBC 11 reports that this plan was discussed this week with the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority and city counselors.

What Else Do We Know About the Proposed Project at 1st Street and Rood Ave?

Details from the meeting reveal that the project is being called “The Junction” and would include room for about 250-families. The Richmark group has asked Grand Junction to waive the permit. plan-review, and impact fees for the project. The Greeley company is also asking the Downtown Development Authority for 3.5 million dollars in annual assistance for the project.

Could a New Grand Junction Housing Project Provide an Economic Boost?

It sure seems like a waste of space to let the empty building sit there unused, but more conversations will be had to decide if this plan is the right fit.

Brandon Stram, Executive Director of the DDA told NBC 11, “Like with covid, that tourism spout was turned off so it gives us more resilience and it gives the businesses more of a customer base."

We'll keep an eye on this story for updates in the weeks ahead.

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