Grand Junction cold case File #4, Denise Lynn Oliverson, who may be linked to Ted Bundy.

24-year-old Denise Oliverson was simply going to visit her parents. On April 6, 1975, she jumped on her bike, left her home at 1619 LaVeta Street and was never seen alive again.

Her parents reported her missing and the next day a search party, along with railroad employees found her bike and her shoes under the 5th Street bridge. But, nobody.

It took nearly 20 years before Grand Junction Police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation would have any reasonable conclusions as to what may have happened.

Though never actually proven, in 1989 serial killer Ted Bundy stated that he had killed a girl in Grand Junction in April of 1975 and then gotten rid of the body by dumping it in the river outside of town. Authorities ran a timeline of the infamous Bundy and discovered that he indeed was in the Grand Junction area in and around that time.

However, nobody was ever found. No proof about Ted Bundy's claim. No suspects. No closure.

It's been 37 years.

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