The sign below is on display at a health club with locations across the country. Do Grand Junction, Colorado businesses need to display similar signs?

This image was shared by a social media sensation by the name of Joey Swoll. On more than one occasion, Swoll has gone to the podium to express his contempt for the use of photographic and/or recording devices in public places. Whether it be a gym, restaurant, or any other business, would Grand Junction be better off with signs like the one shown below?

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The Sign In Question

Check out this sign posted at a popular health club. The practice of taking selfies in the gym, or worse yet, in the locker rooms, appears to be a growing national concern.

Is This Really a Concern?

It certainly can be. Check out another blog from Joey Swoll. Heads up, this video contains a few not-safe-for-work comments.

On The Flip Side

The magazine and website Muscle & Fitness published an article, "5 Tips To Get The Best Gym Selfie." Their tips include:

  • Be confident and aware
  • Focus on lighting
  • Pick the best filter
  • Horizontal or vertical?
  • Have fun and be yourself

The website FitDay digs a little deeper. While they provide advice for taking the perfect selfie, they do offer these suggestions:

  • Be aware of who and what is around you
  • Make sure your selfie truly is a SELFie.

What Does Denzel Have To Say About This?

Here's a look at Denzel Washington's take on the matter:

What Brought This Up?

Just last night, Sunday, February 19, 2023, I was witness to an event at a Grand Junction area health club. A vehicle had pulled up to a set of windows providing a clear view into the gym. Given that it was late evening and pitch black outside, those in the vehicle could see clearly inside the gym, while those in the gym simply saw a reflection in the glass. From their location outside, those in the vehicle could watch those inside without detection. When they saw me walking to my car parked directly next to them, they started their vehicle and took off.

Nobody wants to be spied on. Obviously, the example above is an extreme one.

To Selfie Or Not To Selfie

It's safe to say most people have no desire to be photographed while changing clothes in the locker room. Most would probably prefer not to be photographed while working out. Some, like me, prefer not to be photographed, period. When walking out of the shower, a person does have the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Granted, if a person is filming at the gym, you can simply walk the other way and get out of the shot. Then again, you really shouldn't have to. There's always the possibility a person is unaware they're within the frame of someone's photo or video.

The sign featured above is more than likely an indication of things to come. There are those already self-conscious enough about going to the gym. Finding themselves as part of a photoshoot probably won't help to ease their concerns.

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