The Redlands community in Grand Junction is enjoying some new artwork inside the roundabout located at 340 and Redlands Parkway. 

3 new statues now occupy this Colorado roundabout right next to Canyon View Car Wash.

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Bighorn Sheep sculpture by Pavia Justinian.
TSM GJ - W. Adams

Congrats to Our Local Artists in Grand Junction

Grand Junction is thanking local artist Pavia Justinian for her outstanding work and the three pieces of artwork now on display in the Redlands. The small herd of bighorn sheep was added to the roundabout over the weekend.

What Are These Bighorn Sheep Made Of?

Pavia Justinian used all kinds of scrap parts to put her artwork together. The rams in the roundabout are crafted from salvaged fenders from older vehicles. The steel was then shaped into the colorful representation that decorates this intersection.

Other Roundabout Artwork in Grand Junction

A drive around Grand Junction will give you a chance to see all kinds of artwork created right here in western Colorado. The roundabout near Park and Meander Drive features a small herd of sheep. Roundabouts in Fruita feature John Otto on horseback, a mountain bike rider, a tractor, 'Ruby' the hiker, the apple tree, and Rio the Kayaker. Wild Mustangs are featured in the Grand Junction roundabout on Horizon Drive

Of all the sculptures on display in the roundabouts in Grand Junction, we have several to enjoy. Which display is your favorite to drive past? Open up our station app and tell us which one is your favorite. I'll shout out to you when I see your answer come in.

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