Residents of Flint, Michigan are faced with a desperate situation involving the shortage of potable drinking water. The water sources available to them are laced with toxins and are undrinkable.

Living in Grand Junction, we are blessed with delicious, locally produced beverages. All of these would be a welcome sight for those in Flint.

First off, let me assure you this is meant with nothing but complete sincerity and compassion. The folks in Flint are dealing with a horrific nightmare, the extent of which has yet to be realized.

Here at the station, we know several people directly affected by the tragedy in Flint. One of our managers here in Grand Junction, Tim Gray, came to us from the radio market in Flint just a few years ago. We would like to send them our collective support during this difficult time.

Grand Junction has the means to assist. Efforts have already begun. Drinkable water is already being shipped from our region. Since we're currently sending water, why not send some signature beverages from Grand Junction?

These are the five Grand Junction beverages we need to ship to Flint -- immediately.

  • Colorado Legacy Coffee

    Locally Roasted Coffee

    Several coffee houses around the valley serve Colorado Legacy Coffee. These delicious blends are roasted daily right here in Grand Junction.

    Sure, we could send water to Flint to brew their own coffee, but we'd rather send them some freshly brewed coffee from Grand Junction.

    All we have to figure out is how we're going to ship hundreds-of-thousands of little paper cups of coffee without spilling all over the place.

    Waylon Jordan
  • Rockslide Microbrews

    Variety Pack

    We could send a few thousand growlers of Rockslide beer. They would be easy to ship, and we could probably even send the full spectrum of brews.
  • Water Out of This Grand Junction Canal

    Waterway Along Audubon Trail

    At a glance, one can't help but wonder if this water would be fresher and healthier than the drinking water in Flint. Pay no attention to that beaver launching off the bank at right.

  • Talon Wine Brands

    Maginificent Wine From Palisade

    We could send a variety of wines from Talon Wine Brands out of Palisade. They offer a wide selection, any one of which will suit the pallet of someone facing this dilemma in Flint.
  • Snow Runoff From Grand Junction Parking Lots

    Longstanding Surplus of Snow

    Grand Junction area businesses are still faced with finding a place to pile snow. The last significant snowfall was several days ago, and we're still stuck with the stuff. Perhaps we can truck some of this mess out of here.

    Waylon Jordan