As a kid, the first thing we want to do is become an adult. They have it so easy. Adults know everything there is to know and can do everything.

Or so they think. After becoming an adult, we realize that being a kid was where it's at.

In the process of growing up quickly, we may skip past a few things we need to know as an adult. At the very least, we miss out on things we'd like to do as an adult.

We asked our audience now that they're adults, what's one thing they still can't do. After reading through the responses, there are a few things we take for granted -- at least I do.

The number one thing most people can't do is whistle -- with and without their fingers. I get it, whistling is an acquired skill, and takes a lot of practice and spit. Whistling with your fingers take a bit more practice, I can pull it off every once and a while.

Being a bit athletic escapes us, too. Most people couldn't do a cartwheel or handstand, which, as an adult probably shouldn't be done. Unless you're into back pain. Surprisingly, some people couldn't ride a bike or roller skate. One person noted they couldn't swim, and they grew up on an island -- unreal.

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One response we can all relate to ... being an adult. If we could all go back to being a kid, I'm sure we would.

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