Gov. Jared Polis spoke about restaurants in Colorado that reopened early, saying he was “extremely disappointed”.

"If any state in the country went too fast in embracing people together again, whether it's at nightclubs, bars or large parties, there would be another wave of COVID infections..."

Gov. Jared Polis

Though Colorado doesn't have a set date for restaurants to reopen, the state does have a date for when the analysis of reopening venues will happen (May 25).

Gov. Polis also said that it will likely "take a few days for them [the restaurants] to open... the 26th, 27th..." but then said that the state could get information on May 25th that prolongs the closure of restaurants.

He continued on to say that he hopes that the continued closure of restaurants, post-May 25, doesn't happen.

If people don't follow guidelines, however, Gov. Polis mentioned "even harsher restrictions" at a "county, municipal level or, god forbid, state level."

Polis recommended restaurants increase patio and outdoor seating and continue social distancing practices.

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