In these crazy times, it's great to come across a 'cute as a button' story; or, in this case, a 'cute as a stuffed Teddy bear' story.

'A great reminder to hold tight to those you love.'

A really heart-warming story from Horsetooth mountain from Saturday (Sept. 19) that made a local toddler's day.

One of Larimer County Natural Resources (LCNR) rangers came upon a lost Teddy, and they set out to get the Teddy back into the arms of its owner.

Maybe the toddler's parents realized that they'd not returned from the trail with everything they'd arrived with, and went to the LCNR Facebook page to see if they'd found the Teddy bear. Voila! There it was.

The only remaining mystery: What is that Teddy bear's name?

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