The wise camper knows its time. Time to reserve your summer camping spot.

Sure, it's the dead of winter. Long summer days seem a long way away. However, if you're planning to take the family on a summer camping trip, especially if you're thinking about the 4th of July, better book now.

With with over 4,000 campsites and 58 cabins throughout Colorado's 41 state parks, you'd think there is plenty of spots for everyone. You'd be wrong. The good news is Colorado Parks and Wildlife allows you to reserve a camping spot 6 months in advance. Now's the time to make sure you've locked down that perfect spot for this summer's getaway.

CPW has upgraded their online reservation website too. Their system was down for a short time to make the improvements, now it's up and running better than ever. Their website is “more streamlined and easier to use now,” that's according to Rebecca Ferrell,  public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Now you only need one account to make camping, cabin reservations, purchase hunting and fishing licenses, or purchase an annual park pass.That's cool.

Sure there was snow flying in the Grand Valley on Saturday evening. Sure, it's still winter and cold outside but...the days are getting longer. Spring is now only 10 weeks away. Be the wise camper and book your spot now. You can do so by clicking HERE. When you're sitting in your lawn chair overlooking the lake with that cold beer in hand, you'll say to yourself "That Ray Michaels was right, he reminded me to book this spot back last winter and now look at us now!" "That's guys awesome!" Thanks, brother.


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