At first, you laugh and think okay one sports fan has had a few too many beers but after you ponder the idea for a few more minutes it doesn't sound as crazy as it once did. The idea of creating a GoFundMe to purchase the Colorado Rockies and try to do something about the team who is projected to lose 95 games this year according to statistics put together by FanGraphs. Now according to 9 News, this has to lead the owner of the Denver Beer Company to create his own GoFundMe to do something about the tough season they are projected to have.

The Rockies didn't do anything to help their fan base when they traded their amazing All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals over the off-season.

What Exactly Is The Plan to Purchase the Colorado Rockies

Charlier Berger is the co-owner of the Beer Company and started this GoFundMe on Opening Day of the baseball season just this past week. His very lofty goal is to raise one billion dollars by May 1st to purchase the team, if he doesn't his this goal he will donate all funds to local nonprofits that help in the hospitality or restaurant industries hit hard during the pandemic.

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How is the GoFundMe to Purchase the Colorado Rockies doing so far?

The good news is that Berger has collected over $1,000 to put toward the purchase of the Colorado Rockies organization. Although let's be real there is not a chance this goal of one billion dollars will be met. But if this can help some hospitality and restaurant workers who have struggled, I can support this cause.

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