Today, we're all familiar with Colorado's major league baseball team, The Colorado Rockies, and are just as familiar with the place in which they play their home games, Denver's Coors Field.

However, this was all a completely different story a mere 30 years ago before the team, and the stadium arrived.

Some of us were around when The Colorado Rockies were born, and consequently, Coors Field was as well, and it was an amazing time to be not only a baseball fan but a Coloradan in general.

It's hard to believe that The Colorado Rockies are turning 30 this year, but in celebration of that milestone let's take a look back in time and go on an amazing tour of the progress of Coors Field being built, from start to finish.

A Look Back at the Birth of Colorado's Coors Field

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Coors Field first opened its doors in 1995, two years after the Rockies became a team, playing their first two years of home games at Mile High Stadium, sharing it with the Denver Broncos.

Ground was first broken at the location that would become Coors Field on October 6, 1992, and construction took place at the site all the way up until April 26, 1995, when the field opened its doors.

After opening its doors back in 1995, Coors Field has been a staple of downtown Denver, and the entire state of Colorado, at its location right in the heart of the city at 2001 Blake Street.

Take a trip back in time and see the construction of Coors Field all the way from the groundbreaking ceremony to completion.

Flashback: Colorado’s Coors Field Under Construction

Check out some awesome shots of Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, being built from start to finish back in 1993.

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