With the bridge collapse and continued construction causing traffic problems, Glenwood Springs has rallied together to offer perks to tourists.

I admit driving through on Friday afternoon heading to Denver it looked like a mess in Glenwood Springs. Traffic was backed up along most main streets and the thought of exiting off I-70 didn't seem all that appealing.

The local businesses are battling back against the bad PR and offering special incentives in hopes of luring apprehensive visitors to town. A "Detour to Relaxation" campaign has been enacted to support downtown shops and restaurants through this challenging time of road and bridge construction.

It's a punch card that visitors can validate at local businessess. After only five holes punched the cardholder is comped for a day at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. The promotion started with only 10 businesses but has recently grown to include over 40. The city officials are pitching in $4,500 to help promote the deal too. If you're thinking about a weekend getaway, you may want to consider a trip to Glenwood Springs. You'll save some cash if you can deal with a detour or two.

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