My family has had a long-time love affair with Glenwood Springs. Feel free to insert your favorite Doc Holliday joke here. It appears there are others that agree as Glenwood Springs has been named one of the top 5 small cities in Colorado. had this to say about the great life available in Glenwood Springs.

Glenwood Springs has a mild climate with bearable winters and summer temperatures that rarely reach much higher than the low 90′s.

The biggest attraction in Glenwood Springs are the hot springs and the vapor caves. In fact, these two features were so popular that the town was built around them. One of the most famous American’s in Western History — Doc Holliday — died and was buried in Glenwood Springs. Like many others, he had used the area to take advantage of the hot springs healing powers as he suffered from tuberculosis.

The other big attraction around Glenwood Springs is the Colorado River which runs through the center of town. Glenwood Springs is home to the largest whitewater park in the Western United States. In addition to the whitewater park, there is world-class rafting upstream of the town through a section called Barrel Springs and the section below it called Shoshone.

Not far from world class skiing and with the bones of a couple famous gunfighters buried above the city? Sounds great to me.