Glenwood Caverns is 20th "Best" in the country

Just last week our Townsquare Radio Group had a company outing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  We were celebrating our "2017 Townsquare Small Market of the Year" award. It was a fun afternoon of rides, cave tours, and the famous gondola ride to and from the top of the mountain. The whole idea of a theme park on the top of the mountain certainly adds to the adventure.

Two Colorado amusement parks have been selected as top parks in the US. Water World in the Denver metro area was named 13th best water park and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs was named the 20th best amusement park. The rankings are the results of an algorithm that measured the number and quality of user ratings on Trip Advisor.

It's no surprise that the top amusement parks are Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I've been to both of those too and they are pretty spectacular. The best water park goes to Walt Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon inside Walt Disney World.

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