Treat your taste buds and give a toast to winter by indulging in some seasonally-brewed Colorado beer. The breweries in our state never fail to come up with unique and flavorful hop-filled creations. The colder months inspire brewers to make with beers that are rich and robust, each offering their own interpretation of a hearty winter warmer. Below are just a few of the many local and seasonal options. Cheers!

Slope Style Red IPA - Boulder Beer Company

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Slope Style Red IPA is a beer that fits right in to the cold, snowy months. It's a full-bodied, hearty red ale with a hoppy kicker to it. If you can't make it down to Boulder to try this seasonal beer, you can pick up a 6-pack through February at most local liquor stores.

Jingle Ale - Coopersmith's Pub and Brewing

Jenny Harding/TSM
Jenny Harding/TSM

Jingle Ale was first brewed in 1993, and has remained a holiday favorite ever since. Packed with distinct spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, orange peel, and ginger, this amber ale definitely has a festive flavor and is a fantastic compliment to this time of the year.

Accumulation White IPA - New Belgium Brewing

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New Belgium's Accumulation has a very fitting name and appearance for the winter season. It's a white IPA that will take your taste buds to a hops-filled wonderland. Featuring a variety of fruity flavors along with some spice and wheat to smooth it out, Accumulation makes for the perfect beer to warm up with during the cold months of winter.

Isolation Ale - Odell Brewing Company




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Isolation Ale comes out of hiding usually as the first flakes begin to fall, and stays around until the end of December. A combination of sweet and nutty tasting, almost like caramel or toffee, it's definitely a winter warmer, with a crisp, refreshing finish.

H&D Snug Vanilla Caramel Double Cream Ale - Horse & Dragon Brewing

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Frost-filled days are perfect for staying snuggled up inside, with an H&D Snug in hand. The creamy, sweet ale is 8.3% ABV, so is sure to have you feeling warm and toasty. Made with flavors like vanilla and caramel, it's pretty much like a drinkable Christmas cookie.

Mint Chocolate Achromatic - WeldWerks Brewing

With its creamy, rich flavor combined with a hint of mint and cacao, Weldwerks' Mint Chocolate Achromatic truly does pay homage to the holidays. At 9.7% ABV, this beer will get you more lit than the lights on the tree.

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