As if Kreator needed any help convincing everyone that "Satan Is Real," the German thrash legends were joined by Ghost frontman and Satanic clergyman Papa Emeritus on a German late night television performance.

Kreator hit the stage on the set of Circus HalliGalli last night (April 25) to play the Gods of Violence cut, getting a boost during the chorus from the Ghost figurehead as well as Max Gruber of new wave outfit Drangsal. Packing a ton of action onto a small stage, flames careened upwards as sparks flew during the opening moments of "Satan Is Real" as a seated studio audience watched on.

Papa stood statuesque throughout most of the performance, staring with transfixed eyes from stage right. Gruber bookended the other end of the stage, dressed in a nun's habit as one of Ghost's "Sisters of Sin." As Kreator's Sami Yli-Sirniö blazed through a hyper-melodic solo, Papa and Gruber stepped out from behind their microphones, taking the time to dance with each other.

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie, Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza explained what he wants fans to get out of listening to his music. "Joy," he said, adding, "They should enjoy the music. Simple as that. We try to — to me a positive mental attitude is very important. So metal to me is something that has a positive energy. There’s nothing better than to go to a metal show. A band can play and everyone goes berserk. That’s how we see Kreator, that’s how I see — that’s the purpose to play live. The exchange of energy and the excitement and enthusiasm of the music. I think that’s what people should get out of it, if anything. Honest aggression and honest celebration of metal [laughs]."

Meanwhile, Ghost's frontman has been embroiled in a legal battle with some of the band's former members, who handed him a lawsuit over unpaid compensation. Since this incident, Papa has come forth, stating that Ghost was never formed as a full band as he has spearheaded the songwriting and band vision.

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