Colorado State Patrol looks to reinforce the "Left Lane Law."

It's one of my pet peeves. You've seen them too. People cruising down the interstate in the left lane. Years ago in another market, I had to ride with my boss to a company conference about 4 hours away. Most of the trip wasn't on an interstate but it was a divided highway. He drove the entire trip in the left-hand lane! I slouched in my seat as drivers passed us on the right mouthing and gesturing as they flew by. It was my boss so I really couldn't say anything. I nearly had a breakdown.

There's been a Colorado law on the books since 2004. It's the "Left Lane Law." Colorado State Patrol asked us to remind you...the left lane should only be used as a passing lane. On a 4-lane highway with a speed limit of 65 mph or more and you're driving in the left lane, they could be cited and fined. CSP Trooper Mike Prock  says "It's when they're traveling in that left lane for a mile or two, and they're just cruising that lane, not getting over."

CSP reminds us too that it doesn't just help keep traffic moving, it's important to stay in the right lane and yield to emergency vehicles and first responders.

So you might want to move it over. Depending on how many times a persons been pulled over for this, fines can run up to $100! So to save yourself some money and all or our sanity...MOVE OVER!

Credit: Fox21 News

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