Since before it was even opened, Denver International Airport has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories and legends. Some claim that secret societies like the Illuminati or the Freemasons have a hand in it, while others claim that the airport is like Area 51 in that it holds spaceships and does experiments on extraterrestrials.

One thing we do know, however, is that underneath the levels of Colorado's largest airport that travelers pass through every day, is an underground freeway system used for something much less exciting than studying UFOs.

A Freeway System Underneath Denver Colorado's Largest Airport

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When DIA was being built, there were noticeable tunnels being dug deep beneath the ground, which led conspiracy theorists to contemplate all kinds of theories.

However, it would appear that we now know what at least some of the underground tunnels are used for, and it's not that exciting.

On the same level as the trains that take you to the different concourses at DIA is quite literally an underground freeway in which cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes cruise around, sometimes with long trailers attached to them.

The boring truth is that this freeway system is ultimately just used to transport baggage from planes to baggage claim carousels, and little more.

However, like an actual freeway, the Denver Police Department can also be found down there patrolling and even giving out speeding tickets from time to time.

An old automated baggage system was put in place in the early days of the airport but was abandoned by the year 2008 in favor of the freeway system that is used today.

Take a virtual tour of this freeway system under Denver International Airport:

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