When I think of free Taco Bell for life, I also think there probably isn't enough toilet paper in the world to make that feasible... But then I also think of all those drunken nights that will be 152 times better because you never have to pay for the only thing better than sex when you are drunk! 

Taco Bell has started this new contest, that they haven't promoted very well, called the Eleven Everlasting Dollars challenge. Basically, they've released eleven dollar bills across the U.S. to celebrate their new Dollar Menu. They may look like regular dollars, but if you find one of the eleven serial numbers they are looking for, you could win a lifetime of food from Taco Bell.

There’s even an interactive map that shows which cities the dollars are most likely to pop up in over the next few weeks... It's like a modern day Willy Wonka challenge except for the whole spending half of your life on the toilet thing that is sure to happen if you win!