A year ago when we flew to New Jersey for "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" Super Bowl XLVIII broadcast, we had our fancy new sign in tow.

We set it up on Radio Row while we were on the air. It was the one and only time that the sign was used.

Eric Zane was able to carry the sign on the flight to New Jersey.

Hot Wings, for some reason, was not able to carry the sign on the flight back from New Jersey. He had to check the sign in as baggage for the return trip.

Since Hot Wings didn't have any other checked bags, he says it was agreed upon that Zane -- who had checked his bags -- would pick up the sign at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids when we returned home.

So, the last time the sign was seen was when it was checked at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J.

Based on that information alone, who is to blame for the missing sign: Zane or Hot Wings?

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