Just when you think you've seen it all, here comes another video of a product that proves you wrong.

Earlier this week, we shared video of a machine to help you donate sperm.

We are still not sure if that was real, and we're also unsure if this new product is real or not.

This video starts with what seems to be a normal face-to-face conversation between a couple.

But when the woman opens a gift of lingerie she receives from her significant other, the video takes a strange turn. The guy moves his mobile device to show the bottom of it and what seems to be a holder for Fleshlight. That's right.

You know, Fleshlight, an instrument for pleasure for men that's in the shape of a flashlight.

Well, if you're weird enough to find Fleshlight and its other products intriguing, you may want to look into this real or unreal Launchpad so you can take your debauchery to a whole other level.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings