At some point, everyone has had the fear that the elevator they were traveling in would suddenly drop, plummeting 30 floors and seriously injure or kill you.

We've seen it in movies a hundred times and the results are usually pretty disastrous.

But now there's a whole new reason to be afraid of elevators!

Jose Vergara Acevedo got into an elevator in a new apartment building in Santiago, Chile. Before the doors even closed, the elevator sprung to life and climbed 31 stories in just 15 seconds!

When the elevator reached the top of the building, it shot Acevedo up against the ceiling, causing him leg and head injuries.

He's currently in stable condition in an intensive care unit. He may never walk again due to injury to his spine.

So, yeah. That might be the worst thing ever. Think about that next time you take the elevator to the next floor. Maybe take the stairs instead.

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