Foo Fighters are now rolling through North America on tour, and, as we've seen, the band have figured out a pretty inventive way around doing shows with Dave Grohl dealing with a broken leg. But it appears as though the frontman is on the mend and getting better by the day.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Grohl confirms, "I'm starting to do a little bit of rehab exercise and the cast is off. The swelling's down. The pain's gone. It's just a matter of getting those kick-drum muscles back, man. I can't f---in' lose those. That's important to me. So I'm sitting here, moving it around, doing my exercise as we speak, so it's OK."

The vocalist says that he's now using a removable boot that has allowed for more mobility where his injury is concerned, but he admits that there's still a full journey ahead before he's truly healed. "The other part of the injury is the ligaments and the cartilage I destroyed," says Grohl. "I had a physical therapist tell me the other day that it was basically like my ankle got into a 40 mile per hour car crash. It's not just like a sprained ankle; it's like an ankle that got its ass kicked by Ronda Rousey."

Grohl says he feels lucky as the injury could have been a lot worse, but adds that he's up for the challenge of rehabbing the leg to get it back to full strength. Foo Fighters are currently booked through late October in North America. After a brief break, the band will finish out the year with European dates in November.

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