Time flies! It seems like yesterday when Foo Fighters announced their presence with "This Is a Call." But 25 years later, the band is ready to celebrate a special anniversary, admittedly a little late, with a short recollective event called Times Like Those.

In a Star Wars-like scroll at the beginning of the film, the group discusses the pandemic-related delay to their anniversary celebration, explaining, "We did what so many others have done throughout this collective pause and made the most of the silence, sitting down together and using this time for contemplation, growth and an honest assessment of who we are as seen through the lens of who we have been."

From there, the guys are set up in their very own home theater (complete with popcorn), revisiting some old photos and footage and reflecting on their collective history.  Join the band on their trip down memory lane in the short video event below.

The band's 25th anniversary also coincides with the band preparing to release a new album. Medicine at Midnight is due Feb. 5 and you can currently pre-order the set right here (As Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases.)

Foo Fighters, Times Like Those

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