It's always fun to look up weird laws, and until today I didn't realize just how bizarre The Centennial State's weirdest laws are. In fact, you may be breaking some of these and not even realize it.

Having grown up in the Vail Valley, and having been cursed with awful balance, I've definitely broken this law. Apparently, it's illegal to run into an obstacle while skiing. Sorry about that.

I've done this one before too, but luckily it wasn't in Boulder. When I was in college, my roommates and I lugged a couch up to the roof, which would not have been allowed in Boulder. In fact, you must keep all the furniture off of outside porches altogether. While we didn't get in trouble with the law, we did inspire some new bylaws from the homeowners' association. Sorry again.

Now this one's just bizarre, and probably very outdated. Apparently, it's on the books as illegal to drive a black car in Denver on Sundays. But come on, who's enforcing this?

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And yet another weird one from Denver. The wording I've found basically says that next-door neighbors can't borrow each others' vacuums. Now, I have two questions. What happened that made this an issue? And, what about downstairs neighbors? The world may never know.

Alright Sterling, I really need somebody to explain this one. Way up in the Eastern Colorado of Sterling, it's technically illegal to let your cat roam free at night without being fitted with a tail light. Yes, a light on their hindquarters.

So, if you see your neighbors with the cool hangout spot on their porch in Boulder getting tickets, or your other neighbor frantically trying to give back your vacuum, you'll know why.

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