No matter how much of a law-abiding citizen you are, there are times when a single moment of inattention can result in the dreaded speeding ticket, fine, and all that goes with the violation. Here's a look at five places in Grand Junction where you are most likely to get a speeding ticket.


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    I-70 Business Loop/ Central High School

    (Zane Mathews)

    The I-70 Business Loop near Central High School can be troublesome regardless of which way you are traveling. Westbound motorists find themselves wanting to accelerate on this stretch, but the speed limit doesn't go to 55 until you pass Warrior Way. It is real easy to inadvertently get up to 55 well before the designated time.

    Eastbound travelers encounter a slow down from 55 down to 45 right before the turn off to Central High School and the Neighborhood Market. More than once I have seen the flashing lights of law enforcement making stops on this stretch.

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    Merge from 6 & 50 On To North Avenue

    Zane Mathews

    The merge from Highway 6 & 50 onto North Avenue is challenging because you have been sailing along at a brisk 45 MPH pace, when suddenly, for no apparent reason you're asked to reign it in at 35.

    Actually, the speed reduction makes sense, with traffic potentially entering the road from both sides, but it can easily catch you off guard, and before you know it - busted!

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    North Avenue Between 12th and 1st

    Zane Mathews

    The North Avenue section of 12th Street to 1st Street is most problematic for westbound motorists. When you first slide on to North from the Business Loop the speed limit is 40, before decreasing to 35 just across 29 Road. The next change does not occur until just past 12th Street when you're down to 30 MPH. It can feel like a snail's pace.

    The real trap can come just past 5th Street, where police cars have been known and seen to park between 1st and 4th waiting for 30 MPH violators. This can be the case at any time of the night or day, so you'd be best served to keep that speed down until you cross 1st.

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    D Road

    Zane Mathews

    D Road can be tricky for two reasons. One reason is because you feel like you are out in the country, and the natural thing to do is to drive like you're on a country highway. But, the fact is, it is very residential, and there is quite a bit of traffic turning on and off the road.

    The second reason D Road can be a prime spot for a speeding ticket is because the speed limit changes. Some of the time it is 40 MPH, and sometimes it's up to 45. If you're not paying attention, or the sun happens to be in your eyes, it is easy to become confused about what the speed limit really is.

    Often times when traveling this route,  I see a cop car on this road.

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    Riverside Parkway

    Zane Mathews

    Generally, the people that use the Riverside Parkway do it because they are in a hurry and they want to save time. While the Parkway is a good way to save time, it is no place to be in a hurry.

    The speed limit on Riverside Parkway is only 40 MPH, and it is really difficult trying to keep your speed down. The road is pretty wide open, and it just feels like you should be going 45 or 50. If you are not careful, this is a prime spot for a speeding citation.